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Open Middle: Tangents to Circles (V2) Open Middle Cyclic Quadrilateral Exercise 榫卯结构 Arc Length and Sector Area Paradoxes on π. The Voronoi mesh consists of n convex cells, each associated with a point p i and defined by , which is the region of points closer to p i than any other point p j for j ≠ i.
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    The most effecient algorithm to construct a voronoi diagram is Fortune's algorithm.

  • Voronoi diagrams were considered.
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    Drag your mouse around to watch how the new input point influences the Voronoi diagram.

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    Voronoi ( <List of Points> ) Draws the Voronoi diagram for given list of points.

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    export SVG.

  • Arc Length and Sector Area.
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    In this Demonstration, the regions are computed from a set of randomly placed points using the function Nearest.