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The Balanced Scorecard as a Management Tool for Assessing and Monitoring Strategy Implementation in Health Care Organizations. .
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  • Generally speaking, a BSC is a standardized report that details performance management measures.
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    These include performance pyramid systems, performance measurement systems for service industries, balanced scorecard, performance prism, organizational performance measurement, etc.

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    Managerial decisions are easily reached using the measured output of events and activities from bsc.

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  • Compare and contrast the BSC approach to financial controls.
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    It encourages managers to better understand the multiple aspects of performance.

  • List of Cons of Balanced Scorecard.
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    A balanced scorecard is a tool for businesses to gather data and information in a single report.

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    Jan 1, 2012 · a balanced scorecard approach, Busine ss Strategy and the Environment, 14(2), 73-91.